[ Latest Toys -1] Chameleon Blocks - Best Gifts Home Decoration Building Blocks Toys

[ Latest Toys -1] Chameleon Blocks - Best Gifts Home Decoration Building Blocks Toys

1. Chameleon Blocks

  • [Global 1st Publish] A1Smart STEM Toy Lighting is first kind of fantastic intelligence development lights in global. Could develop Shape & Color Recognition, artistic cognitive, Logical & Spatial Thinking, Hand-eye Coordination, imagination and creativity. It is also good for the recovery of patients with depression. 
  • [Variety Lighting Patterns] It comes with one rechargeable host and six triangle-units. Under 30 soft and full colors, you can DIY build more than 20 lighting patterns. Such as: Sugar, Flower, Fish, Diamond, Rockets and so on. Easy to assemble, much fun for your life.

  • [Multiple Mode]1, Press “ON”, it will maintain on which is default mode. Adjust the brightness by holding POWER ON button, tap triangle parts gently the color will change freely as you like; 2, Press ”MODE”, it will switch Breathe pattern, Flash pattern, DJ patter and Design pattern in turn; 3, Press ”AUTO”, it will turn into a sensor pattern, auto-on at dusk when human activities detected, then auto-off in one minute. 
  • [ Application scene] With Magnets and adhesive tape on the backside, A1 can put on your table, wall, CABINET, or refrigerator. It can supply lighting, also can decor your house. Use your imagination and hobby, it can place in your kid’s room, kitchen, living room and so on. Innovative and fashion. 
  • [Hassle-free warranty] We provide 30 days no-question asked money back, 24-Month Warranty for you. If you have any issue or unsatisfied with our products, please hesitate to contact us, and we will help you resolve your problem within 24 hours.

2. Operation Modes

  • Press the ON button to switch to the always on mode for both the main unit and subunits. Press and hold the ON button to adjust the brightness of the main unit, and release the ON button when the desired brightness is reached.
  • Press the MODE button to switch the lighting configurations of the main unit and sub-units. There are 5 lighting configurations altogether. The first 4 are system default lighting configurations, and the last is a programmable lighting configuration. Under the programmable mode, when a sub-unit is pressed, it will flash once, and after 6 seconds, all sub-units will start lighting up in the order of being pressed. The sub-units that have already been turned on cannot be manually lighted up for a second time.
  • Press and hold the OFF button for 2 seconds to turn the lights off.
  • Press the AUTO button to switch to the auto-sensor mode. In dark environment, the nightlight automatically turns on when human movements are detected, and automatically turns off after 1 minute.

3. Safety Precautions

  • Please confirm whether the voltage is in line with the working voltage of the product before use, using inappropriate voltage may damage product and bring potential safety hazards.
  • The LED module can’t be replaced. Do not disassemble the product.
  • This product will generate heat during work, please keep the surrounding air convection for heat dissipation.
  • This product is not waterproof, do not put the product in water.

4. Color Change Configuration

  • Switch the ON/OFF button at the back of the main unit to ON
  • Press the ON button to turn on the lights
  • Press the center of the lighted surface of the sub-units, and it changes color with each press. There are 30 different colors altogether.

5. How To Mount

  • Remove the backing form the sticker.
  • Align the sticker to the shape at the back of the main unit, and stick it on.
  • You can also mount the device on the flat surface or slightly curved surface of iron objects.

6. Detection Range

  • The detection range is 5-7 meters in front, 2-3 meters in the side, 120 degrees in horizontal.
  • The detection is related to the ambient temperature, human body, and moving speed.

7. Parameters

Product Model:Chameleon Blocks A1
Size:Main host-86*96*19 MM          Sub-unit-42*45*15 MM
Tated Power: 0.5 W
Input voltage: 5 V
Weight:153 g
Operating Temperature:-10_+40
Service life: 25000 H         Battery Life: 8 hour

8. Decorations


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