1. Destination: Member Country of European Union

Standard Shipping Way:

Order value < €150, the system will collect the VAT.

Order value > €150, the customers should pay the VAT and customs tax when the orders arrive at the customs.

Warning: If you place two or more small orders (total amount > €150) on the same day, pls contact our customer service and send us an email, we will ship them on different days to avoid the packages arrive at the customs on the same day and you need to pay the customs tax and VAT again.


Express Delivery:

Usually, the customs should pay the VAT and customs taxes when the orders arrived at the customs. If you want to know more detail, pls contact the local FedEx or DHL.

If your order is less than €150 and select the express delivery, the system collect the VAT, we will refund the VAT to you. Then pls pay it when it arrives at the customs. 


  1. Other Countries

Standard shipping way:

Pls contact the local post office to check it.


Express delivery:

Pls contact the local FedEx or DHL to check it.