General Level 3 (GL3) Patterns [Not for Sale | Member Exclusive]


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  • Which patterns can be redeemed?
    -- To select patterns available for redemption, please visit the page containing project ideas and look for patterns with item numbers starting with GL3.

  • How many points are required to redeem General Level 3 patterns?
    -- 80 Points for one pattern

  • In what form will the patterns be provided?
    -- The patterns will be sent as PDF files, allowing you to zoom in and reference them while constructing the individual pieces and assembling the 3D figure. We are unable to provide printable versions of the patterns.

  • How can I access the pattern after redeeming it?
    -- Once you redeem the pattern, please make a note of the item number or send us an email with the item number of the pattern. Then it will be digitally sent to your email within 1-2 days. In the case of public holidays, it will be sent on the next working day.

  • How can I join the Artkal Point System?
    -- Click on the 'Rewards' button located in the lower left corner and register for it.
Warning: These patterns are exclusively for our members to redeem and are not available for sale. Kindly refrain from purchasing them.

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Joyce Brown
Artkal 12pcs Acrylic stick for 3D Pixel Art

love those

Michala Klitgaard Christiansen

General Level 3 (GL3) Patterns [Not for Sale | Member Exclusive]

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