[Artist Story- 05] Beading is a pain relief for me-Flepi

[Artist Story- 05] Beading is a pain relief for me-Flepi

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I used to be in constant pain due to a genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which is a lack of collagene that comes with flawed blueprints, making it impossible for my body to cover what's missing and already flawed. It induces pain and exhaustion every single day, and makes me prone to injuries. Sometimes I use a wheelchair, sometimes not, sometimes I can't do anything at all and lay in bed, and there are days when I'm like "normal" people. 

Two years ago I discovered beads while searching something related to video games (I love them but playing is hard due to my condition) and found it so relaxing : it's like a form of meditation, a way to stay focused on something different than pain. It helps me to enhance and keep proprioception (particularily on my fingers and hands in general).


I started with the most easily found brand in France but quickly grew to search for better quality and more colors, and I found the Artkal beads. They are so soft that ironing has become a pleasure (before it was a source of pain, not anymore !), and there are so many colors that I can spend hours just choosing the right one (or redo a project with another set of colors). 

I really enjoy the ironing film, the shiny aspect and the texture of the beads, I use them all the time. I use medium beads but also enjoy the mini beads even if the tweezers are an obligation : the result is worth it ! 

I made little 3D projects and bigger ones like the TARDIS, which is nearly 40 hours of work (I'm a little slow due to my disease) but really a piece I love to make. 





I also made a reaper from my favorite show "Sons of Anarchy" : 3 days in mini beads but I'm so pleased by the result ! 


Also, I made an instagram account (@pixelartbeads_flepi ) and a facebook page ( @flepi.fr ) where I share most of my pixelart and share tricks with others beaders artists.


I also try to sell it at conventions in France (like Japanantes or Japandco, not too far from home because I can't travel too much) or on the internet. Part of the benefits go to research on the Elhers-Danlos syndrome, and I try to raise awareness on this illness, which isn't well known (I was only diagnosed at 34 years old, but suffered from it all my life). You can find more information on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in french on the GERSED website :http://www.gersed.com/.

With beads and a little time and imagination you can do everything you want, it's an unlimited source of pain relief and joy.



Fortunately, you can do what you love. :)
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