All orders ( Brazil) need the tax ID number (CPF)

The Last News from Brizal Pls provide your tax ID number (CPF) if your order will be sent to Brazil.  Thanks for your understanding! Artkal Team Berne, 7 October 2019 International Bureau Circular 161 Brazil – Inclusion of addressee tax identification information Dear Sir/Madam, The designated operator of BRAZIL, Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (Correios), would like to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that Correios is required to submit all items...

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How to play Artkal Beads?


A new tools for 3D beads projects -Acrylic rods

Are you suffering for making 3D beads projects by glue? Today, I would like to recommend you a new tool. You can use it instead of glue and it will make your whole assembling process easy and simple. Let’s us start to make a duck!     Step 1: Prepare tools Such as pegboard, iron, iron paper,  nipper, acrylic rods,  pliers and Artkal beads                 Step 2: Make each part Get all parts ready and waiting for assembling together.            Step 3: Connect each part with Acrylic rods W...

3 difference help you get to know HARD & SOFT midi Artkal beads

                             &     Artkalbeads has 2 series of standard midi beads, they are S-5mm hard beads and R-5mm soft beads. Then what is the difference of hard and soft beads? And which one is popular? Here are 3 difference help you to know them well.   1. Different material   - Hard Artkal beads are made of food grade PE, It keeps artworks hard and strong. - Soft Artkal beads are made of food grade EVA, It makes artworks soft and flexible.              2. Different ironing...

How to use BRICKAIZER create an Artkal pixel image

How to use BRICKAIZER create an Artkal pixel image

Brickaizer creates brick mosaics with its building blueprint WHAT IS Brickaizer? Brickaizer creates brick mosaics, including all the required data to start building right away. Coloured bricks is hot again! With these bricks you can make great predefined models, but its large selection of bricks, plates, shapes and colours allow for greater works. A growing community of (grown-up) people rediscover the potential of these little bricks and plates to create great pieces of art. And Bric...

What is different with iron paper and iron film?

Artkal provides 2 kinds of ironing material for fuse beads. One is normal ironing paper and another one is plastic ironing film.  * Ironing film gives artworks the glossy and smooth surface, during ironing process, you can see very clear that the beads are fused together or not. Ironing film can be reused for more than 50 times. * Ironing paper gives artworks the matt finish, if you want a matt finish for your pieces, then we recommend using ironing paper.

What's the difference between A-2.6mm and C-2.6mm Mini Artkal Beads?

  &   Artkal has 2 series of mini fuse beads, they are C-2.6mm and A-2.6mm. 【C-2.6mm mini Artkal beads】 have 178 colors for choose from. They're made of food grade PE, hard and strong. C beads are perfectly compatible with perler beads and hama beads. Very popular for bead artists and enthusiasts. 【A-2.6mm mini Artkal beads】 have 186 colors for choose from. They're made of food grade EVA, soft and flexible. We suggest using A beads independently to keep the soft and elastic features. Goo...

Which series of Artkal beads are compatible with perler and hama beads?

  Artkal has 2 series for both midi 5mm and mini 2.6mm, see the comparison as below: (S beads upgraded and launch on market on May 01, 2017; and C beads upgraded and will be launched to market on the end of may, too) * New and Upgraded S-5mm midi and C-2.6mm mini hard artkal beads are perfectly compatible with perler beads and hama beads. * R-5mm midi and A-2.6mm mini soft artkal beads are exclusive soft fuse beads, suggest using them independently to keep the soft and flexible features. Le...

What kinds of iron should you choose?

You need an iron to finish your Artkal beads projects. So what kinds of iron should you choose? If you have a household iron, it's good for ironing beads, no need to buy a new one, I think. If not, you could consider the Mini White Iron. Easy for carrying on a trip and good for ironing beads, clothes and name label on the school uniform for kids.