How to use Artkal Beads?

How to use Artkal Beads?


Step 1: Gather the necessary materials for using Artkal Beads.

You will need the following:

  • Pegboard
  • Tweezers
  • Ironing paper or ironing film
  • Iron
  • Pattern


Step 2: Follow the pattern and place the Artkal Beads on the pegboard accordingly.

Using the pattern as a guide, carefully arrange the Artkal Beads on the pegboard, ensuring they fit snugly together.


Step 3: Prepare the iron and start the melting process.

Set your iron to medium heat (between 160°C-180°C). Place the ironing paper or ironing film over the beads, making sure they are completely covered. It's important for an adult to handle the ironing process.


Hold the iron in place for about 2-3 seconds, allowing the heat to initiate the melting process. Ensure that the beads have melted together completely before moving on.


Step 4: Peel and Repeat.

Once you've ironed one side, carefully peel off the ironing paper. Flip the design over to the unironed side. You can reuse the pegboard and ironing paper/film to create more artworks in the future!


Step 5: Enjoy.

After ironing both sides, let your design cool down. Place the finished project under a book or something heavy to ensure it stays flat. And there you have it! Your beautiful pixel artwork is complete and ready to be admired and enjoyed.


Tips for Using Masking Tape with Ironing Beads:

Why do we use masking tape before ironing?

  • To protect the pegboard and project: When ironing the beads on the pegboard, the high temperature can cause the pegboard to warp or become damaged. By using masking tape, we can easily remove the project from the pegboard without any harm.

  • To safeguard the project itself: Larger projects are more susceptible to damage during the ironing process. However, by applying masking tape, we can provide an extra layer of protection and prevent any potential destruction.

How to use masking tape:

To properly use masking tape with ironing beads, follow these steps:

  • Watch the following video tutorial demonstrating the proper use of masking tape when working with ironing beads.

  • When creating your project, place a board under of the pegboard. This will act as a protective layer.

  • Apply masking tape to your project, securing it to the pegboard.

  • Carefully flip the entire assembly over.

  • Gently lift and remove the pegboard, then you can iron it.

  • By following these tips and techniques, you can ensure the safety of both your pegboard and project while creating stunning ironing bead designs.



Oct 27, 2023

I am an avid user of Artkal. When I started my journey into pixel art I was constantly let down by the lack of colours or inconsistent stock of other brands and then when I found Artkal, I never went back to any other brand. I have their entire collection which just makes my life so much easier because I know the beads are all the same consistency and I don't need to stress about if I can get stock or not for a project

Jan 14, 2021
Suzanne Golden

I am a bead weaver and had previously used both Perler and Hama until I recently discovered Artkal Beada…they have the most selection of colors I’ve ever seen…I bought the cases of all the colors!! I’m a very happy bead artist!

Nov 07, 2020

I have always worked with Perler brand midi beads up until recently when I got an entire set of your Artkal Mini -C Series. Not only is there every color you could ever need, but the quality of the product and customer service is second to none. I will forever be an Artkal customer and continue using the mini beads. I have been able to create so truly amazing pieces with these beads and I will NEVER go back to Perler!

Oct 31, 2020
judy Rohr

How can you get the pattern for the pumpkin 3D cool one

Jul 16, 2020

came to your warehouse IMA BIG FAN

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