How to use Artkal Beads?
How to use Artkal Beads?



Step 1: Prepare the Artkal Beads and tools as follow.

             Pegboard, Tweezer, Ironing paper / ironing film, Iron, Pattern

Step 2: Place artkal beads on the pegboard by following the pattern.

Step 3: Set iron on medium (160°C-180°C). Cover with ironing paper and iron by adult. Hold in place for 2-3 sec to start the melting process. Complete ironing when beads melted together.

Step 4: Turn creation over once cooled. Remove the pegboard, repeat the same process. Put artwork under the pressure toil cool.


Maybe you will use the masking tape. They can protect your projects and pegboards.


Jan 14, 2021
Suzanne Golden

I am a bead weaver and had previously used both Perler and Hama until I recently discovered Artkal Beada…they have the most selection of colors I’ve ever seen…I bought the cases of all the colors!! I’m a very happy bead artist!

Nov 07, 2020

I have always worked with Perler brand midi beads up until recently when I got an entire set of your Artkal Mini -C Series. Not only is there every color you could ever need, but the quality of the product and customer service is second to none. I will forever be an Artkal customer and continue using the mini beads. I have been able to create so truly amazing pieces with these beads and I will NEVER go back to Perler!

Oct 31, 2020
judy Rohr

How can you get the pattern for the pumpkin 3D cool one

Jul 16, 2020

came to your warehouse IMA BIG FAN

Jul 16, 2020

Dear Dorris from artkal beads IM A HUGE FAN OF IRON BEADS but i use perler but…perler has way less options i do not have artkal bead But ive wanted them for a while they look SO COOL even though I do not have them I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THEM also im a huge fan of the youtber that came to your warehouse QD crafts by the way im 9 years old

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