artkal brand story
artkal beads story

1. Artkal Family

"Yes, you can!"


2. Artkal Brand Story

Our Beginnings

In 2008, Xize Craft was established with a mission to deliver DIY handicrafts and custom-made toys for kids. We expanded our product line to include fuse beads, also known as iron beads and pixel beads, and adopted the brand name "ARTKAL" after gaining insights from a partner in Hong Kong.

Identifying a Market Gap

Between 2008 and 2010, it became evident that existing fuse bead manufacturers were failing to meet market demands due to limited color variety, chromatic aberrations, poor quality, and subpar materials. 

None of the manufacturers showed an interest in improving their products, which presented us with a unique opportunity to create premium-grade fuse beads.

Establishing UKENN CULTURE

In 2011, we founded UKENN CULTURE to produce our ARTKAL beads. Our production process was smooth, and consumers were delighted with our outstanding quality and excellent service.

Expanding Our Color Range

Since 2015, we noticed a growing interest among adults in using fuse beads to create pixel art. 

The limited color options available on the market were insufficient to meet their needs. In response, Artkal focused on expanding our color range for bead pixel artists. 

Our color variety increased from a mere 70 to over 200 colors, exciting pixel artists and bead art enthusiasts alike. (Artkal Color Chart)

Transforming Lives

One of our foreign customers, who had struggled with alcohol issues, found solace in fuse beads during his journey to sobriety. 

A beads enthusiast since 2007, he dreamt of having more color options for his pixel art. 

When he discovered that ARTKAL was expanding its color lines, he was overjoyed—more so than a child—illustrating our deep passion for beads.

 This passion not only satisfies hobbies but can also transform lives. (More Artist Story)

Our Motivation

A perfect creation can bring satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Your demand is our motivation. Bead your dreams! Live a creative life!

"Bead your dreams! Live a creative life!"


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