How to select Artkal Beads?

How to select Artkal Beads?

Beads Size Beads Series Type Colors Age
2.6mm-mini C Hard 178 12+
2.6mm-mini A Soft 186 12+
5.0mm-midi S Hard 206 6+
5.0mm-midi R Soft 129 6+
10mm-maxi X Hard 15 4+


What are the soft beads and hard beads?

Hard Beads ( C and S series ) are very hard but not fragile, they stay strong.

Soft Beads ( A and R series ) are soft, flexible and elastic. When you bend it, it will get back to shape asap you let go.


Most people love the hard beads. But if you want to make the special projects, such as bracelet, we recommend you soft beads.


Recommend for Beginner

If you are a beginner, we recommend you 5MM-Hard Midi Beads S series. It is suitable for 5 years old and up. Totally, it is 206 colors. Very popular for bead artists and enthusiasts.


Beginner Set: 24 colors box set with pegboards, patterns and ironing paper


If you are a bead artist, we recommend you boxes set that you can storage the beads, or multi-color combo that you can customize the colors.


Recommend for Bead Artist

If you offen use midi beads, but you want to do more exquisite projects. We recommend you 2.6MM-Hard mini beads C series.


Full color of boxes set: 196 grids ( totally 178 colors )


  1. Artkal Midi Beads: 5MM

Artkal Midi Beads are suitable for 5 year-olds and up. Both children and adults love Midi Beads. This is likely an experience of every beads pixelenthusiast : when you are focused on completing a fuse beads artwork, you realize there are a few necessary color beads missing – and halts your entire project. This is definitely a disappointing experience. Artkal Midi Beads provides more than 200 shades of color at your disposal, enabling you to finish that artwork project without having to pause, or compromise on the color scheme.


  1. Arktal Mini Beads: 2.6MM

Artkal Mini Beads are suitable for 12 year-olds and up. Here are 2 different kinds of mini beads. One of mini beads is Hard mini beads C series. Most people love it because the projects are more refined.

Another one is Soft mini beads A series. A-2.6mm mini-beads makes pixel beads artwork even more exquisite and flawless, especially for making necklaces and accessories


  1. Artkal Maxi Beads: 10MM

Artkal Maxi Beads are our biggest beads. They are suitable for 4 years old and up.


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