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Artkal Accessories

Artkal beads Accessories help your bead art activities go on smoothly.

Artkal Stainless Steel Tweezers with the excellent quality that you do not need to press it hard, just hold it gently and pick up beads easily. Good for artists who love 2.6mm mini artkal beads creativities. Artkal Stainless Steel TweezersContains 1 pc straight and 1 pc elbow.  Plastic TweezersContains 3 pcs straight tweezers per bag. Good for picking up 5mm midi artkal...


*Large film- Iron big piece by one sheet *Clear film- Make ironing process easy *Exclusive- Keep pieces finished glossy and smooth *Reusable- Buy one and use for more than 50 times Item No.: J03-5 Size: 18*23 cm (Small) Packing: 5 sheets / pack Item No.: J03-R Size: 60*100 cm  (Large) Packing: 1 pc Material: Plastic Color: Clear Warning:  Don't Use...


Artkal Beads Physical Color Charts Gradient ramp Sequence  

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Easy to sort out beads for creating bead arts. Item No.: JT4-8 Packing: 8 pcs Triangle tray, 1pc spoon Material: Plastic


Artkal provides more size of ironing papers for choose from. Item No.: J02-5/ J02-10/ J02-R Small ironing paper size: 15*16.5 cm Big ironing paper size: 30*33 cm  One roll of ironing paper: 30cm* 500cm Packing: 10 sheets/ bag    (small ironing paper)                  5 sheets/ bag (big ironing paper)                  one roll of ironing paper Material:...

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Artkal Mini Iron, able to adjust temperature to fuse beads well. Trans adaptor is suitable for all countries to use iron. Item No.: YD200-W Size: 17.5*9.4*9.6 Packing: 1 pc Iron, 1pc trans adaptor Color: White


Artkal Acrylic rod for 2.6 mm beads:  17cm length, 12pcs/bag Artkal Acrylic rod for 5mm beads: 20cm length, 12pcs/bag Easy to use for 3D Art work


Set 1. L square pegboard+ S circle+ S hexagon+ 1 pc Tweezers+ Big Iron paper + Triangle Tray Set Set 2. L square pegboard+ S circle+ S hexagon+ 1 pc Tweezers+ Iron film+ Mini Beads Assistant + Triangle Tray Set


Good for collecting beads. Easy to take out each grid and use for creativities directly. Item Name.: Artkal beads 9 Grid Storage BoxProduct Size: 18*10*12cmMaterial: PS Each Grid can hold abt 4,500 pcs 2.6mm mini beads. Each Grid can hold abt 900 pcs 5mm midi beads.

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10 pcs blank greeting card, made of imported Holland paper. Use them for DIY special greeting cards for your friends, your family and people you love. Item No.: JC5-10 Size:  14.8*21cm Packing: 10 sheet/bag Color: 5 colors sorted