How to Relieve Stress | The Benefits of Artkal Beads
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How to Relieve Stress | The Benefits of Artkal Beads

How to Relieve Stress | The Benefit of Artkal Beads


  • What are Artkal Beads?
  • The Danger of Chronic Stress
  • How Artkal Beads Work to Relieve Stress

There’s a trendy new hobby out there that could help relieve stress in adults: Artkal Beads. This type of modern bead-crafting is fun, relaxing, and can shift your focus from your overwhelming emotions to a creative project.


What are Artkal Beads?

Artkal beads are small heat-activated or “fusible” colorful beads that you set on a pegboard or mat to create designs and patterns. Think cross-stitching, but instead of using embroidery thread, you use beads to form a design.

After creating your design, whether it’s a flower or cartoon character or a mandala, you then apply heat with an iron. The beads will melt and fuse together, resulting in a single work of art that looks like a pixelated photo.

The Danger of Chronic Stress

It’s normal for an adult to experience stress. Stress can be good sometimes, as it helps us become more focused, alert, and it brings out our sharp skills in order to accomplish a task.

Chronic or long-term stress, however, can pose a lot of danger to our mental, physical, and emotional health. Stress can be caused by many reasons, including major changes in our life, trauma, overwhelming responsibilities, pressure, or certain forms of loss.

When we are stressed, it disrupts our system and puts us at greater risk for heart attack, stroke, digestive and immune system problems. This is why it is important to do something to help us de-stress.


How Artkal Beads Work to Relieve Stress

Creating patterns and design is a form of creative work. Those who use Artkal Beads are adults, because the activity makes them relaxed and happy.

When you are relaxed and happy, your stress melts away. Here are the benefits of using Artkal beads and how they help to relieve stress.


#1. It Is So Much Fun

Creating art from Artkal beads is one way to pass the time in a fun way. The process of producing art from these beads actually increases happiness.

In his book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi poses a theory that people are happiest when they are totally absorbed with an activity, which he calls the state of “flow.”

Artkal Beads get you in the “flow” or “in the zone,” as it requires pure concentration. When you’re happy, time seems to fly. And when you are absorbed in a task such as forming patterns with your beads, your heart rate slows down, it boosts your mood, and melts away your worries.


#2. It Is Therapeutic

Just the act of finding the right color of beads, the organizing, and the sorting is already therapeutic. An Artkal beads project is a mindless task, as you are chiefly using your hand-eye coordination. The process of creating a work of art that requires repetition proves to be therapeutic.

The Artkal Beads are tiny, and as you pick them one by one, or two by two, using a tweezer, and shooting them into the pegboard, it provides a welcome distraction. It keeps your eyes sharply focused, your hands moving, and puts your mind at ease. It’s an incredible distraction, helping you forget all your worries.


#3. No Deadline, No Pressure

An Artkal Beads project is a slow process, yet soothing because there is no deadline or pressure. It’s a project that is 100 percent self-expression, which doesn’t feel like a job.

Forming patterns with Artkal Beads is a quiet and solo activity. You are alone, and no one is judging you. All negative thoughts disappear as your mind is focused on the joy of assembling the beads.

And as the set of colorful beads slowly reveal a picture, your brain becomes flooded with dopamine, the happy hormone. When you are happy, it has a positive effect on your overall health.


#4. A Sense Of Purpose

When life sometimes feels meaningless, and you feel sad and insignificant, a creative project brings back confidence and a sense of purpose.

Just by shopping for different colors of Artkal Beads (and there are 200+ colors!) already provides you with a sense of purpose— and excitement. Then selecting patterns is another fun goal to accomplish.

The task of creating an artwork from Artkal Beads is so easy and enjoyable, that your sense of purpose will always be rewarded as you finish your work.


#5. It Improves Mental Health

According to a Cleveland Clinic study, we have 60,000 thoughts a day— and 95% of them are just the same thoughts. If you are particularly worried about something, imagine being trapped in a horrible loop of negative thoughts the entire day.

Crafting, such as working on an Artkal Beads project, can help put the brain in sharp focus, creating a calming effect. Just like painting, gardening, or drawing, Artkal beading can fight depression and anxiety and could help improve your mental health.

When we experience trauma, sometimes it is difficult to put it into words. However, when we are doing a fun and productive project, the negative thoughts and feelings are diverted into the project, giving us a release from all the overwhelming negative emotions.


#6. Improved Motor Skills

Because making art through Artkal Beads requires handling tools, picking up and placing beads, we are forced to work delicately. Using the tweezer, the pegboards, the ironing paper, and the iron are amazing when it comes to our motor skills.

Patients who are undergoing physical therapy can also benefit from Artkal Beads. The project improves hand-eye coordination apart from refining motor skills.


#7. A Healthy Coping Mechanism

When a person is stressed, he or she may be tempted to indulge in unhealthy activities to temporarily forget all troubles and anxieties. This can be in the form of resorting to alcohol, illegal drugs, or other types of self-destructive behavior. This can lead to more harm and mental distress.

Immersing yourself in a creative project, however, like photography, cooking, decorating, embroidery, or Artkal beadwork, is a healthy way to deal with life’s negative side. While you work on your project, you are so engrossed that you temporarily forget all the things that are worrying you— and you are coping in a very healthy way.


#8. Inexpensive Therapy

An Artkal Beads project is an inexpensive form of therapy for the mind and the soul. As we put together the beads, choose lovely colors, and produce beautiful artwork, the activity even reminds us of our childhood.

Your Artkal-Bead outputs can even be a source of income, or you can give them as gifts. It’s a rewarding activity that reduces our distress and increases positive emotions.


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Nov 02, 2021

Yes, I totally agree. For privat problems and working problems I’m not doing the beads… And I’m more stressed and nervous that what I was before.

Nov 02, 2021

Yes, I totally agree. For privat problems and working problems I’m not doing the beads… And I’m more stressed and nervous that what I was before.

Nov 02, 2021
Abraham Hill

It’s funny, I saw this in my email during a mini stress attack. Maybe some bead art is just what I need right now.

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