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Black Friday Sale

Artkal the biggest deals in 2022

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale are here. It is the season to shop and prepare for your Christmas. It is also the biggest sale on Artkal store in 2022. Don't miss it. You also have a chance to win free gift (value $100).

  • When does the Black Friday Sale start?
  • How can I get the sale?
  • How can I win the free gift?

Learn more info as follow:


Time difference for different countries

  • Starts:
    New York: Nov. 23 at 12:00pm
    London: Nov. 23 at 15:00pm
    Beijing: Nov. 24 at 0:00am
    Sydney: Nov. 24 at 3:00am

  • Ends:
    New York: Nov. 29 at 12:00pm
    London: Nov. 29 at 15:00pm
    Beijing: Nov. 30 at 0:00am
    Sydney: Nov. 30 at 3:00am 
artkal black friday sale time

Lucky Draw

All customers who place orders during Black Friday can participate in it.

  • The First Prize($109.85): 72 Colors Box Set of Midi Beads S series, S Color Chart, Ironing film, Big Square Pegboard, Big Hexagon Pegboard, Big Circle Pegboard.

  • The Second Prize($62.47): 36 Colors Box Set of Midi Beads S series, S Color Chart, Ironing film, Big Square Pegboard.

  • The Third Prize($32.9): 24 Color Box Kit with accessories

Warning: Artkal will send an email to the winner, please confirm and reply within one week. If we does not receive the reply e-mail within one week, it will be considered as abandoning the gift.

artkal beads black friday sale luck draw


Get Artkal Beads on order over $59 and prepare for your Christmas Artworks. Up to $35 OFF.

  • Save $35 OFF (order over $199)

  • Save $15 OFF (order over $99)

  • Save $5 OFF (order over $59)

Warning: No promo code needed. This discount may not be combinable with other promotions(coupon code).

artkal beads black friday sale coupon

Midi Beads -S Series

Mini Beads - C Series

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