(192) Full Colors Box Set C-2.6mm Mini Artkal beads CC192

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Each box stick the color number for fill color easy.

One pack big ironing paper for free.

Double white, gray and black for you creative freedom.

This product will divide into 2 parcel if send by china post & Epacket.

  • Mini C-2.6mm
  • Item No. : CC192
  • Contains: 192 colors. 8 box; 12,000 beads per box.
  • Product Size: 20*14.8*3.8cm
  • Material: 100% Food Grade PE, safety & NON-TOXIC
  • WARNING: Choking Hazard. Not for children under 12 years. Made in China.



  1.        100+ Artkal Free Patterns
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sarah Guajardo

love it nice storage boxes and a sample of all the colors. I was able to completer several projects that had been on hold becuase of the lake of colors.

Worth it for the boxes.

Was finally ready to buy mini beads so I splurged on the entire collection and I'm SO thankful they come in their own organizers WITH stickers labelling each color. That will be massively helpful for knowing which ones I need to restock. Pictures are of the translucent ones. They're my favorites because they look like tiny candies :)

Amurei Art
I like this kit a lot, but...

I really like that they have this kit, it's a great way to get started with Artkal (or just fuse beads in general). I love the color selection. There is such a good variety in colours, and they aren't all super saturated (which is really nice! Other brands mostly just have super saturated colors.) My issue with the set is that there are a lot of inconsistently sized beads. There are many that are slightly smaller in diameter which makes ironing difficult. (a6 and c4 in my photo somewhat show this) c4 is even a bit shorter than the rest. There are even some that are slightly taller than the others. The hole in the center tends to be off-center and some have larger holes in the middle than others. ( a2, c2, c3, and d4 are some examples of off-center holes) (b6 is an example of a too-big hole) I understand it may be easier to notice inconsistencies with the mini sized beads (in comparison to the "midi" sized ones). However, even when considering this, it seems like the proportion of incorrectly sized beads is still higher than it should be. For my example picture I grabbed beads randomly from one of the grey colors (color c89) but I've noticed this issue in the other colors as well. I love the small size, and I will keep trying to work with this sizing issue, but it is a little disappointing.


Perfect! but not actually 192 but is worth it to have it!

Angela Smith

Delivered much quicker than I expected & the product is just what we wanted. Thank you!

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