What's the difference between A-2.6mm and C-2.6mm Mini Artkal Beads?


Artkal has 2 series of mini fuse beads, they are C-2.6mm and A-2.6mm.

C-2.6mm mini Artkal beads】 have 178 colors for choose from. They're made of food grade PE, hard and strong. C beads are perfectly compatible with perler beads and hama beads. Very popular for bead artists and enthusiasts.

【A-2.6mm mini Artkal beads】 have 186 colors for choose from. They're made of food grade EVA, soft and flexible. We suggest using A beads independently to keep the soft and elastic features. Good for making jewelry and decor accessories. 

So what's the difference between C-2.6mm and A-2.6mm artkal beads?

1. Different material

Both series made of food grade plastic. But C-2.6mm is HARD & STRONG and A-2.6mm is SOFT & FLEXIBLE. Let's see the artworks comparison below:

* C beads are very hard but not fragile, they stay strong.
* A beads are soft, flexible and elastic. When you bend it, it will get back to shape as you let go.



2. Different Ironing Effection

* New C beads ironing surface is flat as below pic shows. Same look as perler beads and hama beads.


*  beads after ironing, beads keep roundish as below pic.

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