Which series of Artkal beads are compatible with perler and hama beads?


Artkal has 2 series for both midi 5mm and mini 2.6mm, see the comparison as below:

(S beads upgraded and launch on market on May 01, 2017; and C beads upgraded and will be launched to market on the end of may, too)

* New and Upgraded S-5mm midi and C-2.6mm mini hard artkal beads are perfectly compatible with perler beads and hama beads.

* R-5mm midi and A-2.6mm mini soft artkal beads are exclusive soft fuse beads, suggest using them independently to keep the soft and flexible features.

Let's see what bead artists said for new S beads, in here, thank you for all artists for your feedback:

"New And Improved Artkal Beads!!! The S series of beads is getting an upgrade!!! Pikachu is full of artkal and perler beads and it hard to tell a difference!! The dark blue on the bottom of the board is artkal along with the darker yellow on his tail! The dark red on his cheek is artkal too! I love these new beads so much! @artkalbeads you have outdone yourself." -- @perler_purrs


Just a little test on the new improved artkal beads. Only grey is perler and the rest is Artkal beads. I love how strong these new beads are. -- @perler_purrs 


How abt the primary S and C beads work with perler beads and hama beads?

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  • Julie Heinemann

    Sep 20, 2017

    Julie Heinemann

    Dear Raymond.

    I must say, that Artkal Mini does not mix with Hama mini… This due to Hama being off with only 2,5 mm width and high.
    On a Hama mini pegboard, the Artkal beads will push themselfes off.
    On an Artkal pegboard it is possible to put Hama mini on, but they will look smaller and don’t fuse well.
    I never advise to mix Artkal mini with Hama mini… Artkal is just so much higher quality, it would be a shame to ruin it with Hama mini beads…..

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