[Artist Story- 09] Art Threapy Turned Passion

Appreciating a piece of art
not just for the art itself 
but the story of 
the artist
Bead your dream and live creative life!



 My love for fuse beads started 2020 as a way for me to deal with the stress of the pandemic.
I made smaller pieces to begin with, off the top of my head, inspired by idioms,
like ”heavy heart” and ”kill them with kindness”
Later on I started making actual patterns to follow, by using the program Beadifier.
This is where Artkal came into the picture! As the colorpalette of other brands started to feel limiting.
I like to explore different ways to use beads.
- melting them in the oven to then make bracelets, molding the ironed beads into 3D flowers, and also combining them with other materials like colored string, prisms and feathers.
I'l even cut a bead in half if I have to, to make a pattern work :-)
I made an Instagram account to display my art, and quickly learned I wasn't the only adult beader out there! There is an entire community of beaders, that help each other out.
Some of my art has even been re-posted on the accounts of large brands, which is always an honor <3
If you want to check out more of my work, you can find me at @freshfromthebeadpress on instagram! :-)

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