How to use Artkal Beads?
How to use Artkal Beads?



Step 1: Prepare the Artkal Beads and tools as follow.

             Pegboard, Tweezer, Ironing paper / ironing film, Iron, Pattern

Step 2: Place artkal beads on the pegboard by following the pattern.

Step 3: Set iron on medium (160°C-180°C). Cover with ironing paper and iron by adult. Hold in place for 2-3 sec to start the melting process. Complete ironing when beads melted together.

Step 4: Turn creation over once cooled. Remove the pegboard, repeat the same process. Put artwork under the pressure toil cool.


Maybe you will use the masking tape. They can protect your projects and pegboards.


Jul 16, 2020

Dear,Dorris from Artkal beads im a huge fan of iron beads and ive been using perler beads but perler bead has way less options you have SO MANY MORE like 206 ive been wanting to check out some of your beads I am 9 but even thoughhi dont have Artkal beads I RECOMMEND THEM I also watch the youtber that

Jul 14, 2019

hacen envio a peru. y cuales son los medios de pago?

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