What is different with iron paper and iron film?

What is different with iron paper and iron film?

Artkal provides 2 kinds of ironing material for fuse beads. One is normal ironing paper and another one is plastic ironing film. 

* Ironing film gives artworks the glossy and smooth surface, during ironing process, you can see very clear that the beads are fused together or not. Ironing film can be reused for more than 50 times.

* Ironing paper gives artworks the matt finish, if you want a matt finish for your pieces, then we recommend using ironing paper.

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Dec 15, 2017
Raphaël Chambily

I just killed a 4-hour work using this.
There is no warning on the little sticker on the iron film they send you as a gift. So I just melted it with my creation.
+ once I discovered you cannot use more than 180° on it, I saw my iron does not display the temperature (just the fabrics) for the modes.
So even if I knew the temperature limit, I couldn’t have used it anyway…

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