3D Stars and Planets - Star Series (GL2-0007)

3D Stars and Planets Pattern

No: GL2-0007

For a long time, Artkal Beads has been a therapy and a passion for us. Here is also an article of 'The Benefits Of Artkal Beads And How They Help To Relieve Stress'

Now we share 3D stars and planets pattern with you. Before our beading, we need to prepare for Artkal Beads and accessories.

  • Artkal beads (get the colors on pattern)
  • Artkal pegboards
  • Tweezers
  • Ironging Paper / ironing film
  • Iron

We used Artkal mini C series. This pattern is a little difficult for beginner. If you want to try it, we recommend you our 5mm midi beads S series.

Color list and quantity:

Made by Midi Beads: S153*898, S150*776, S152*716, S01*614, S52*584, S131*379

Made by Mini Beads: C152*898, C149*776, C151*716, C01*614, C10*584, C130*379

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Mar 28, 2023

Hi I have 2 questions regarding this design. The first is what does the pieces mean with the square around them? Does it mean to do them twice or what? The second is do you need glue for this project and what kind? Thanks so much from a beginner,Peggy Snyder <craftypeg@yahoo.com>

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