Artkal 3D Baby Yoda Pattern - Star Wars Series (GL3-0001)

Artkal 3D Baby Yoda Pattern - Star Wars Series (GL3-0001)

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No.: GL3-0001

Color list and quantity:

Made by Midi Beads: S147*2498, S82*1575, S155*734, S93*161, S13*46, S67*34, S148*31, S125*28, S19*18, S01*10

Made by Mini Beads: C146*2498, C75*1575, C154*734, C92*161, C02*46, C47*34, C147*31, C124*28, C22*18, C01*10

Star Wars is an epic science fiction saga and fictional universe created by George Lucas. The Star Wars story employs archetypal motifs common to science fiction, political climax and classical mythology, as well as musical motifs of those aspects.

If you love the Baby Yoda and pixel art, you can try it. The project is about 10 colors and totally about 5000 beads. If you love midi beads, we recommend you midi beads S series. Using the midi beads is easy to make the project. If you want to challenge it, we recommend you our mini beads C series. 

You can find the color numbers and quantity on the pattern. Pls also prepare for the glue. When you stick the part of the face, you need it.

You might need these accessories and beads:

Midi Beads S: Multi Color-Combo (10 bags, 1 pegboard, ironing paper)
Midi Beads S Single Pack: 1000pcs Per bag
Big Square Pegboards

Mini Beads C: Multi Color-Combo (10 Bags, 1 pegboard, ironing paper)
Mini Beads C Single Pack: 2000pcs Per bag
Big Square Pegboards

Accessories: Twezzer

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