Iron Man Small Pattern 50*50 (GL2-0001)

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No.: GL2-0001

Color list and quantity:

Made by Midi Beads: S144*552, S24*370, S98*12, S01*6, S13*148, S85*257, S146*382, S58*139, S132*31, S16*117, S47*236, S92*216, S29*34

Made by Mini Beads: C143*552, C37*370, C68*12, C01*6, C02*148, C59*257, C145*382, C43*139, C131*31, C32*117, C28*236, C91*216, C41*34

Iron Man is a fictional character, a superhero who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Other than having a wide range of powers and abilities, Iron Man also has a arsenal of weapons, enough to level a country. These weapons are Tony Stark's most favored guns. The repulsor rays (that are located in the palms) are energy based weapons that can repel physical or energy based attacks.

A uni-beam projection gun in the chest plate, which is able to fire a beam of destructive force(more powerful than the repulsor rays). Extremely powerful pulse bolts, that pick up kinetic energy, meaning the further they travel the more destructive force.

Find the color numbers and beads quantity that you need on pattern. If you love midi beads, you need to prepare for 4 big square pegboards.

You might need these accessories and beads:

Midi Beads S: Multi Color-Combo (10 bags, 1 pegboard, ironing paper)
Midi Beads S Single Pack: 1000pcs Per bag
Big Square Pegboards

Mini Beads C: Multi Color-Combo (10 Bags, 1 pegboard, ironing paper)
Mini Beads C Single Pack: 2000pcs Per bag
Big Square Pegboards

Accessories: Twezzer

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