Artkal White Mini Iron


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Artkal Mini Iron, able to adjust temperature to fuse beads well.
Trans adaptor is suitable for all countries to use iron.
  • Item No.: IM-828-WT
  • Size: 17.5*9.4*9.6
  • Packing: 1 pc Iron, 1pc trans adaptor
  • Color: White
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How to use Artkal Beads?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Paul Howe
Great product

Ideal product, lightweight and compact, better for the hobby than a normal household iron

Johan Valbuena

la compre y estoy muy feliz con esta, es perfecta para planchar los beads

Great problem, but with flaws.

I do beading professionally and got a mini-iron to check it out. This is my experience with it.

It's small and compact, a great design. In particular, the shape is slightly wider towards the top instead of the bottom like you would find with most clothing irons. This means the hottest part of the iron is more centered.

The iron is very consistent with its heat, and I've gotten some of the best irons I've ever done from using it. This is largely because the iron is completely flat as to where normal clothing irons have small indents in it for steam vents.

It's very small. If you plan to iron a larger piece, this iron may not be able to cut it. I only use mini-beads, but I think large beads would be a pain with it. Its heat is also limited, and to get good irons I have to crank it up to just under its highest settings.

The power cord is short and very stiff. The way it connects to the iron is a little odd in placement, and gets in the way when I try and sit it upright. The power cord comes with a adapter because the cord is non-standard for North America or Europe. The adapter itself is compact, but trying to plug the cord into the adapter was very difficult; it required a lot of strength. In addition, the adapter doesn't like to be plugged in flush to my wall / power sockets. There have been times when ironing, because of this loose connection and short plug, that the iron has come completely unplugged.

It's a good product, some of my best irons.

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