[Artist Story- 03] Julie Heinemann- Once black, turned colorful

[Artist Story- 03] Julie Heinemann- Once black, turned colorful

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Julie Heinemann, Denmark.


My story to begin with, is not so colorful...

I was a bruised child, suffering from the shame and dark secrets of being sexually assaulted at only 6 years old... I never told anyone back then... covering up and hiding myself from the world. Most of my memories from childhood is gone, my mind depressing it all, to protect me just a bit.
I grew up, more and more alone. At home, my father hit me, at school, the other children bullied me...
I only really found peace in my head, doing creative stuff.


Looking back, I really wish, I had discoverd beads at a much earlier time... As an adult, I still find it hard to concentrate, and keep bad thoughs away, but sitting down with my beads always helps.
The years went by, with me getting nowhere. I had a few bad relationsships, one with a gambler and one with a drunk, that just left me in an even deeper hole of depression. Getting both married and divorced within a year.

I did get 3 wonderful kids though, and a reason to keep going, even when my third pregnancy made me so tired, I coundn't stand on my feet and fainted... Yet another obstickle to my troubled mind, was finding out after the birth, that I had cancer...


This, is where I turned to making beads. Being sick, being operated, having radioactive treatment and feeling weak as a mom, with all the bagage of my own childhood, pushing me to the edge, I could find that peace in creativity again.


 Made with Julie

I started out with mini beads, but quickly got fustrated, as the brand I was using, had really poor quality to their minis... In my begining as a bead artist, I often had to throw out big pieces, for failing when ironed, due to size difference in the beads.
For me, there was no other choice, than to seach the world for orther brands. In Denmark, most people only use the danish brand and dosen't even know about others.


I found out about Artkal in the end of 2016, and decided to try them, no matter the cost. I'm glad I did. All those colors and so much better quality. I never turned back.
All my work, I do in the Mini A series, and I've had some awesome responces to my bendy and strong pieces, that can be rolled up, without breaking.

During this year, I did get better. Making beads has been like theapy and I even ”bead” cancer.

Make by Artkal A-2.6mm soft beads

Only a short time ago, I got connected with the Artkal team, for the reason of becomming a retailer, and bring Artkal to Denmark, to share my love for this amazing brand.
If not for Artkal, I would have stopped making beads, and maybe been swallowed into that black hole of being sick in body and mind.

Make by Artkal A-2.6mm soft beads


I do hope my time in the Artkal family will be long, and because I sincerely love this brand, I do my business with heart.

Once black, turned colorful.



Know more about Julie Heinemann?


                  IG: @perleskuret.dk           FB: @perleskuret              Store: Perleskuret.dk


After every storm only meet rainbow!
Sincerely hope that Julie's life will be as colorful
and bright as her work shows.
Any comment or encouragement that you would like to
say to Julieis welcome to leave a comment.
Thanks for reading!  :)


Apr 20, 2022
Suzanne Golden

Your story is one of incredible strength and surviving…and your artwork is amazing…would you tell me if you use an app to create your incredible portraits?? Thanks so much…Suzanne

Jul 31, 2018

Hi Julie.
Just wanted to tell you that you are awesome and an inspiration to me. You know me, my boyfriend works in your hometown and helps me get these amazing beads home from your beadshack.. I’ll continue supporting you and your business forever.
Never give up ❤️

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