A new tools for 3D beads projects -Acrylic rods

A new tools for 3D beads projects -Acrylic rods

Are you suffering for making 3D beads projects by glue?

Today, I would like to recommend you a new tool. You can use it instead of glue and it will make your whole assembling process easy and simple.

Let’s us start to make a duck!



Step 1: Prepare tools

Such as pegboard, iron, iron papernipper, acrylic rods,  pliers and Artkal beads





Step 2: Make each part

Get all parts ready and waiting for assembling together.




Step 3: Connect each part with Acrylic rods

We need tools acrylic rods, tweezer on this step.

Put each part orderly then use acrylic rods into beads to make them fit together.






Look! A 3D lovely duck is done!

It's waiting for feeding!



Let's us start on a farm!





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