3 difference help you get to know HARD & SOFT midi Artkal beads



Artkalbeads has 2 series of standard midi beads, they are S-5mm hard beads and R-5mm soft beads.

Then what is the difference of hard and soft beads? And which one is popular? Here are 3 difference help you to know them well.


    1. Different material


      - Hard Artkal beads are made of food grade PE, It keeps artworks hard and strong.
      - Soft Artkal beads are made of food grade EVA, It makes artworks soft and flexible.





        2. Different ironing effection


          - Hard Artkal beads are perfectly compatible with perler beads and hama beads. You can’t tell the difference for mixing them together.

          So, S-5mm Artkal beads are highly recommended and they arevery popular in worldwide.



          - Soft Artkal beads are exclusively soft and easy to be ironed than hard beads.When you bend it, it will get back to shape asa you let go.

          They can work with perler and hama, too. But the ironing effect are a little bit different.

           We suggest using R beads independently to keep the soft and elastic features. Good for making jewelry and decor accessories.





            3. Different weight

              Soft beads are a little bit thicker than hard beads that they are heavier than hard beads.



              Updated S-5mm hard midi beads were made of PE. Original S-5mm beads were made of hard EVA (ironing effect same as R-5mm soft beads).




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