Grey-Midi 1000 beads Single Pack

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Product Information
  • Midi S-5mm
  • Beads Size: 5mm
  • Contains: 1000ct single color beads
  • Product Size:10.5*16*2.5cm
  • Material: 100% Food Grade PE, safety & NON-TOXIC
  • WARNING: Choking Hazard. Not for children under 12 years. Made in China.


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How to use Artkal Beads?

1. How to use Artkal Beads? Pls read about this blog

2. How to select Artkal Beads? Pls read about this blog

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great beads & shipping!

I was suggested to purchase beads from Artkal online and I am so glad I did. I love the way they melt/finish and the colours they offer.
The shipping and tracking was a breeze. I will definitely be purchasing again to broaden my collection of beads.

callie meadows
Shipped fast!

Great quality and fast shipment!

Good beads

I bought a huge amount of these colours and use them a lot on multiple projects.
The only problem I see is that they don't merge well with other brands like Hama.

Easy to use and melts nicely

i ordered a lot of beads from artkal for a bigger birthday project. I got the colour S07 grey, the whites ones and some pink ones.
The beads are all shaped equally and out of the 5000 beads I placed and ironed so far I could not find one faulty bead. Mine were all perfect for use.
They melt nicely and at the same rate. When they melt they mantain their round shape, which is a look I like.
If you prefer to overmelt your beads, so that the holes disappear and they get squared you will have to melt them down quite a bit.
I did this on a test piece and I was at 1/2 of the beads original height until I got the holes to almost disappear (you still get a small indend in the middle of each bead)
So these beads might not be the best for overmelting them.
Other than that they are great!
The coulours are quite nice. I would recommend to use the colour sheet with the actual beads rather than the one only shwoing the colour. The bead template shows the colour more accurately.
Also: you really need to place a heavy object on top after ironing to prevent warping. But if you do the piecec come out perfectly straight.

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