(SU1-SU4)-UV Color-Midi 1000 beads Single Pack


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Product Information
  • Midi S-5mm
  • Product Vedio
  • Beads Size: 5mm
  • Contains: 1000ct single color beads
  • Product Size:10.5*16*2.5cm
  • Material: 100% Food Grade PE, safety & NON-TOXIC
  • WARNING: Choking Hazard. Not for children under 12 years. Made in China.


  1.        100+ Artkal Free Pattern
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Customer Reviews

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Not what I expected

I’ve been looking for a good uv fuse bead and these were really the only ones I could find easily. So I went ahead and bought two packs of each UV color. The first one (SUV1) is pictured to be a pretty pinkish color which when received it did match. But sadly the other three didn’t really. SUV2 is pictured as yellow and while it does change color from clear to “yellow” it’s EXTREMELY subtle and you can barely tell usually. SUV3 is pictured to be a blue-purple but in person it’s just purple. And as for the last one, SUV3, is pictured to be a light purple, I’m person it just looks slightly darker than SUV1. I have yet to melt them down and will update when I can. But I am pretty disappointed with these. I will also add that I tested the colors with a strong UV flashlight. I will probably order other colors from this company again, but I really don’t know if I can recommend this specific line of colors.

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