artkal perler beads pattern


3D Bear Wreath

No.: GL1-0006

It is the beading time to decorate your house with Artkal Beads. Download artkal beads pattern and Make it with your family. Hope you have nice day with Artkal Beads!

artkal perler beads 3D bear wreath
 by Artkal Beads

Color list and quantity:


Made by Midi Beads: S154*717, S85*242, S02*356, S155*287, S67*216, S97*184, S15*184, S17*184, S16*24, S01*20

Made by Mini Beads: C153*717, C78*242, C44*356, C154*287, C47*216, C96*184, C30*184, C31*184, C32*24, C01*20

Tips before making artworks

1. If you are beginner or help your kids to select the toys, pls read about this one.

  • Select beads: We have two size of the beads, 5mm midi beads and 2.6mm mini beads. Mini beads are too small to difficult for beginner and kids. They are suitable for 12 year-old and up. We recommend you midi beads S series. Most people love this series.

  • Select pegboards: Use the 5mm pegboards to bead 5mm midi beads.

  • Select tweezers: We recommend plastic tweezers for the kids. It is safe. If you use it by yourself, we recommend our Stainless Steel Tweezers. It is easy and useful.

  • Select ironing paper or ironing film? Here is the an article of it. The different of ironing paper and ironing film.

2. If you are a beadartist, read more this one.

  • Midi beads lover: If you want to challenge it, we recommend you use our mini beads C series. The artwork in photo are made by mini beads C series. If you don't want to change it, midi beads S series is also good for you.

  • Mini beads lover: The original artworks are made by hard mini beads C series. Most people also love this mini series. If you love soft mini beads, mini A series is better for you.

How to make this 3D cute bear wreath?

Step 1: Download the free pattern and prepare for Artkal Beads and accessories

  • Artkal Beads: select the colors from pattern
  • Tools: Pegboards, Tweezers, Ironing paper/ ironing film, Iron
  • Other accessories: Open Jump Rings, Small Bell, Rope.

Step 2: Now, place all the beads for the design with square pegboard

Step 3: Cover the completed design with the ironing paper or ironing film. Keeping the iron level, gently iron the beads in a circular motion for about seconds to fuse the beads evenly.

Step 4: Peel off the ironing paper and lift your design from the pegboard. Flip the design over and repeat step #3.  Your pegboard and ironing paper / ironing film are reusable.

Step 5: Put the project under the book or something heavy after you iron it. Once the design is cool, hold them together with accessories.

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